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42-44 Bishopsgate, London,
United Kingdom

020 7614 7696

Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

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It costs just £20 a month to sponsor a child orphaned by Ebola. Help us ensure that Douda and thousands of children like him get a better chance in life

Support our Ebola Orphan Appeal:

For details on how you can get involved with Street Child's support for young people affected by Ebola like Douda - whose story you may have seen on BBC's Newsnight and Sky News - and thousands of others just like him, please click here.

There are thousands of children being affected by the ongoing spread of Ebola that desperately need your help. As do their families and the communities within which they live. Support our EBOLA ORPHAN APPEAL to ensure that the most vulnerable within some of the poorest nations of the world receive the basic services that they need to protect them against the tragic effects of the Ebola virus. 

For up-to-date news from the field, visit our dedicated EBOLA ORPHAN APPEAL BLOGAnd for all enquiries, including editorial, please click here


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- your gift can make a huge impact on the lives of children devastated by the Ebola virus
+ Click here

- watch Douda's story and learn more about the kinds of families your donation will support          + Click here