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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

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Our vision for Liberia is a Liberia where all children have the opportunity to access an excellent education that enables them to fulfil their potential and contribute to the progress of the nation.

Liberia has the world's lowest primary school enrollment rates, only 41% of primary school aged children are in school.  According to SIH 360, just 63% of 15-34 year olds boys are literate and shockingly just 37% of girls. Current UNESCO estimates state that Liberia will not achieve universal primary education until 2100. We are working to change that.

In 2013 we launched our first project in Liberia, helping street children in the capital, Monrovia. Since then, we have expanded our work to include working with rural schools, supporting Ebola-impacted orphans, supporting 8,500 children and training over 150 teachers.

Most recently, we have opened 12 schools in partnership with the Liberian Ministry of Education to improve teaching quality and access to education in 3 counties across Liberia.

Stories from the field

Hawa who is 13 years old lost both of her parents to Ebola and is now living with her auntie and 4 siblings. She explains how her aunt struggles to provide for the family and that many times she and her siblings go without eating for a whole day. “It’s hard to focus in class when I haven’t eaten anything,” she says. “My auntie often can’t afford to pay for all the extra costs of me going to school such as buying notebooks and pencils.” 

Hawa's school is now one of 12 Flagship Academies run by Street Child in Liberia.

“I’m so happy to be back in school and to see my friends,”

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Peter is an orphan. Found by one of our street teams, Peter was hungry and dirty and working on the streets for whatever money he could. Street Child found Peter’s aunt Margaret and reunited them. We provided them both food and non-food items as well as psychosocial support. When schools reopened after the Ebola outbreak, Street Child provided Peter with a grant to get him back into school.

“I like school so much, and my best subject is math and social studies. I passed my tests and my teachers tell me I’m doing good.”

His aunt is completely supportive: “Education is important for Peter because he will be educated, and he will have a future.”

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Salomie from Dolo's Town was given a business grant last year after she lost both her husband and sister to Ebola. When she lost her husband, she was left to care for their 5 children. A few weeks later her sister died from Ebola and she was left to care for her three children. Street Child provided her with a business grant to start a small condiment business.

"In the past I had lots of problems with sending the children to school, paying for hospital visits and buying food for them to eat. After my husband died I thought there was no hope and I was worried for my children. However, when Street Child gave me the grant, I was able to expand my business and now I have been able to send all my children and my sister’s children to school and feed them everyday."

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