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42-44 Bishopsgate, London,
United Kingdom

020 7614 7696

Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

Sierra Leone Test

Sierra Leone

Street Child vision for Sierra Leone

When Street Child began its work, Sierra Leone was considered to be the poorest nation in the world [UN World Poverty Index 2008]. This was just one of many statistics that made a compelling case for Sierra Leone to become the focus of the charity’s work.

Since then we have grown from that one project supporting 100 street kids to operating in 16 and 19 rural locations in Sierra Leone. Our rural schools programme has supported over 400 teachers and created first-ever access for over 17,000 children in rural communities.

In 2014, Sierra Leone was devastated by Ebola. Our research estimated that more 20,000 children in Sierra Leone and Liberia were orphaned by the crisis and Street Child led the way in finding families for Ebola orphans and helping them to access education. We provided grants and social support to more than 6,000 families and financially assisted over 17,000 children back into primary school.


Stories from the field

A Street Child social worker found Salamatu, 17 and Fatima, 18 picking litter on Bomeh dump. Both had fallen pregnant during Ebola when they had no one left to turn to for help and needed money to survive. Our team provided their families with support and negotiated with the local school which means they have returned to education. The two girls have babies the same age and they are now best friends.

Fatima said: ‘I want to be educated so that my son doesn’t have the difficulties that I have had in life.’

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18 year old Adama lost both her parents from Ebola. With no-one to support her and her four younger siblings. At that time, she met Street Child. Street Child supplied her with food and some supplies and she decided to focus on her siblings and ensure they could go to school. So Street Child helped her to setup a business – she was able to get enough together to cover six months’ rent for her family with the help of Street Child.

“Right now I am selling cooking supplies, drinks, small things like that. I’m able with the money I make to send my sisters to school.”

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