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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.


join churches for street child

Churches for Street Child is a supporter-led initiative started by Norwich vicar David Lloyd. It is a network of churches who support Street Child's work helping vulnerable children to go to school. Setup to celebrate all that churches have helped Street Child to achieve and providing a space to share stories of impact and fundraising ideas, it's open to any church wanting to join Street Child in helping to give every child a future.

If you or your church would like to get involved with Churches for Street Child contact us today!

Learn more about Street Child's work  | Join the Churches for Street Child Facebook Page | Download the Street Child Sunday flyer

Street child sunday

To mark the 7th annual International Day for Street Children on the 12th April, Churches for Street Child is launching the first ever 'Street Child Sunday' on 9th April. 

There are estimated 100 million street children in the world. We believe that each one has a story and deserves hope for the future. Street Child Sunday will unite churches across the UK in praying for street children – and Churches for Street Child would love your church to join in.

How does it work?

It's really easy! Churches for Street Child are asking you to make time in your service to pray for a street child. You will be given a specific child from a Street Child project for your church to pray for and to receive your free resources all you need to do is sign up.

This is a day dedicated to prayer for vulnerable children - but if you'd also like to support these children by holding a collection we would of course love that too!

Giving street children a chance to tell their stories

Street Child works with street children and children in poverty in West Africa and Nepal. There are approximately 65,000 street children in Sierra Leone and Liberia alone.

Street Child recently worked with street children to capture their own story through photography. What followed was an amazing expression of life on the streets through the eyes of a child. We will send some of these photos to you to share with your congregation on Street Child Sunday.

Every child has a story and, together, we can be part of making that story brighter. Thank you for supporting Street Child Sunday on 9th April!

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why street children?

There are over 65,000 children who live or depend on the streets for survival in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Street Child’s work began with street children, our focus is now broader than this, but helping children who are living on the streets with no access to education or a home is still a core part of what we do.

Our street teams exist to change the lives of children who live on the streets or are engaged in child labour because they lack a supportive family environment. They find and befriend street children, becoming the safe adult that is missing in most street children's lives. Our social workers then aim to unite a child with a family - usually their own - through a process of counselling and mediation. 

Once reunited with a family, Street Child provide families of street children with a tailored package of support that enables those families to lift themselves out of extreme poverty so they are able to afford the costs of educating their children. The teams provide business training, planning, grants, loans and incentivised savings schemes with impressive results.

“Peter was not getting good food to eat, but by God’s grace, Street Child came and helped us out.”

-  Margaret, Peter’s Aunt

Peter is just one of the the hundreds of children we have reunited with a family and supported back to school. Peter is an orphan. Found by one of our street teams, Peter was hungry and dirty and working on the streets for whatever money he could. Street Child found Peter’s aunt Margaret and reunited them. We provided them both food and non-food items as well as psycho-social support. When schools reopened after the Ebola outbreak, Street Child provided Peter with a grant to get him back into school.

“I like school so much, and my best subject is math and social studies. I passed my tests and my teachers tell me I’m doing good.”

His aunt is completely supportive: “Education is important for Peter because he will be educated, and he will have a future.”

Peter’s aunt was given a small business grant and training to start a business selling cooked food at the market. She is now earning enough money to keep Peter in school and care for the family.