From Babies with Love


From Babies With Love donate every penny of profit from the sale of their unique, ethically sourced designs in support of our work protecting orphaned and abandoned children.

Why Protecting Children Matters

Globally, millions of children live, sleep or survive on the streets - because of conflict, crisis or poverty. Without support, they face danger and violence and are a long way from going to school. 

We work to help children off the streets, away from danger and into school. 

We don't believe in orphanages or any other form of centre. Instead, our dedicated 'street teams' and social workers work hard to change the lives of as many children as possible. Their 'office' is the street. They spend their time meeting and gradually befriending street-connected children - gaining trust and becoming the safe adult that is missing in most street children's lives. 

Through a process of counselling and mediation, our teams work to strengthen the child's family bonds - starting, if needs be, with family tracing and reunification.

Once the child is settled in a secure family environment, Street Child focus on helping them back to school.


How From Babies With Love Are Supporting Street Child

We've partnered with ethical clothing company From Babies With Love to support orphaned and abandoned children in West Africa. 

Every penny of profit from their unique, ethically sourced designs goes towards supporting orphaned and abandoned children. And in safe, happy places, vulnerable children can go to school with a chance of a brighter future. 

From Babies With Love was started to make a difference and with every penny they donate, they are giving vulnerable children a chance of a brighter future.