Liberia’s Ebola orphans: Chloe writes major feature for Mail on Sunday

This weekend’s You magazine in the Mail on Sunday carried a major multi-page feature on Street Child’s Liberia Programme Director Chloe Brett’s account of her visit last month.

Chloe’s powerful article includes the harrowing story of two Ebola orphans called Dominic and Beatrice and highlights the horrific scale of the orphan crisis in Monrovia and the need for the international aid community to pay attention to these forgotten souls.

The article is one of the most in-depth pieces on Ebola orphans published in a major media outlet yet. We would encourage everyone to read it.

Chloe also opens up on what it is like on a personal level to visit Liberia at this time and work with these children.

Reflections from Chloe on her trip have also featured recently in The Sunday Mirror and Cosmopolitan magazine. She also appeared on BBC’ children’s news programme, Newsround on Friday.

She returned to Liberia this week to continue her work, and we will be posting regular updates.  

To read the You magazine article in full click here.

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