Street Child prepares to feed 1000 street children during national lockdown of Sierra Leone

For three days from the 19th - 21st September, Sierra Leone is entering a period of national lockdown. As part of the government's drive to help stave the spread of the ebola virus, every member of the public is expected to stay at home for the duration of the process. 

But what about those that don't have a home to go to? 

As part of our #EbolaCrisisAppeal Street Child is preparing to ensure that up to 1000 children across the country that are forced to rely upon the streets for their survival have the basic food and support that they require to get them through the lockdown.

At the request of the Ministry of Social Welfare, we'll be working across every town in the country and our targeted support of 1000 should ensure that every street child has access to vital food supplies. Street Child's unique contribution represents the biggest act of support for street kids during the national lockdown, a group of vulnerable young people that would otherwise be facing a very real risk of starvation. 

Follow us throughout the week for updates on our preparations for lockdown and more stories from the field.

Street Child