“Street Child’s Ebola education operation has saved many lives” – JMK talks to the Guardian

In his third article for the Guardian Global Development website, JMK, Director of Street Child’s Ebola education programme talks in forthright terms about the impact he is sure his team has had – and the lives it has saved. 

As one example, he describes the key actions that Street Child’s educators played when Ebola entered Tambakha, one of Sierra Leone’s poorest and most remote chiefdoms. He notes how Ebola only ended up causing 16 deaths there, as against the carnage that has ensued when Ebola has landed in other comparable remote areas, such as Nieni in Koinadugu, where Ebola education was minimal prior to the disease’s arrival.

He also points to the ‘coincidence’ that Sambaia Bendugu, where Street Child has run one of its most intense Ebola education operations with 50 educators deployed, being the only chiefdom in Tonkolili District to have remained unscathed. 

The full article can be read here.  

To date, Street Child has placed 2,000 Ebola educators in the field over the course of the crisis – including over 1,200 who are presently active in remote, rural locations. As the crisis moves to a new phase with the re-opening of schools anticipated in March, the 1,200 are being additionally tasked with promoting, to adults and children alike, the vital importance of every child returning to school.  

To learn more about Street Child’s Ebola education operation please also see JMK’s earlier piece for the Guardian, entitled  “Ebola shuts schools in Sierra Leone but teachers use skills to stop disease”.

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