Ebola Deeply features wide-ranging interview with CEO Tom Dannatt

The highly respected specialist Ebola website, Ebola Deeply have published a broad ranging interview with Street Child CEO Tom Dannatt.

 Tom emphasizes the two distinctive and important contributions he feels that Street Child have made in the crisis:

1.      Supporting over 13,000 Ebola orphans in SL & Liberia

2.      Building an Ebola ‘education’ network that at its peak contained almost 2,000 educators, working house to house.

 Looking forwards, Tom again emphasizes two immediate priorities:

1.      Getting all children back to school – especially those who suffered the most in Ebola

2.      Rebuilding livelihoods – especially for the most vulnerable (which in turn is key to their ability to fund their children’s return to school

On the longer-term reconstruction, Tom expresses the view that illiteracy and ignorance was as much a root cause of the Ebola crisis as poor health systems – and that consequently, primary education should be given as much funding priority as primary health in the years to come.

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