Street Child’s work with Liberia’s young tomb dwellers: The Independent

The Independent on Saturday has published a major magazine article on the plight gruesome situation of young people reduced to living in a disused Monrovia graveyard – and of Street Child’s brave, solitary, attempts to help this often under-represented group.

The article introduces us to a number of these vulnerable young people, including  Junior Toe, a veteran tomb dweller. "There was a body there, but I took it out and threw it away,"  he says, standing on the worn edge of an open tomb, he peers into his second-hand bedroom. The empty space, about two-metres deep, is finished with stained green tiles crossed by vines. "When you look for a tomb, the body can't be too fresh," he advises. "It has to be really dead, then you can clear it away into a bag.”

Street Child