Street Child helps 10,008 children Back to School in Sierra Leone


At the close of the first term after the traumatic nine-month school closure at the height of the Ebola crisis, Street Child is proud to reveal that it is has provided direct school support to over 10,000 Ebola-affected and street-connected children. Absent such support, these children were very unlikely to attend school, or if they had, their access would likely have been highly irregular.

5,580 of the children supported are Ebola Orphans – children who have lost at least one primary care-giver to Ebola. Adding in the 1,500 Ebola orphans Street Child has provided school support to in Liberia, Street Child has now helped over 7,000 children orphaned by Ebola return to school in West Africa.

All 10,008 children have received uniforms and stationary from Street Child.

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