Ebola Orphan Appeal.


The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and Liberia cost over 4,000 lives and orphaned over 12,000 children. However, the crisis is not over yet.

Street Child has identified 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans who are in urgent need of support.

Thanks to you, over the last 18 months, Street Child has provided 8,000 Ebola-impacted households with significant support, in the form of food packages, school fees and business grants and advice. Street Child has helped 7,000 Ebola orphans to go to school in Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

The most vulnerable households are struggling to feed and educate their children.

Households led by children or grandparents who have taken on the responsibility of bringing up a generation of Ebola orphans are struggling to feed and educate their newly extended families. 

Street Child CEO Tom Dannatt says: "Whilst there has been some welcome recovery for many Ebola impacted families and thousands of orphans have been helped by Street Child and others, some of the most at-risk orphans are still in acute conditions. We should celebrate that the Ebola epidemic is over but we must recognise that for the most complex and vulnerable cases, the crisis certainly isn’t."

Child-headed households, grand-parent headed households, households where the numbers of children now run into double-figures. Many of these families cannot afford basics like food and are struggling to survive. Street Child have recently identified 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans who need significant extra support. With your help, we can ensure these Ebola-orphans are not forgotten. To make an impact on these orphans' lives long term - getting them into a school, finding a family for them, rehabilitation care etc - will cost £250 per child. 

Donate today to help Street Child support 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans

 It Costs Just £250 To Support An At-Risk Ebola Orphan.

  • It costs £25 to cover school fees for a year

  • It costs £50 to provide emergency support and food

  • It costs £75 to give a family a business grant

  • It costs £100 to provide 12 months of social support and business advice


Mariatu Is just one of the 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans.

At 15, she lost both her parents to Ebola and took on the responsibility of caring for her two younger brothers, just 12 and 9 years old. In one year, her life has turned upside down. 

"I do petty trading to try and support both my brothers through school but it is very hard to raise the money for fees, books and uniforms. I also do all the cooking in the house. We receive support from no one, not even the community. We have aunts and uncles but they don’t care and they don’t help us.” 

“I want to be somebody, I want to finish school.. I also really want my brothers to finish education and get well paid jobs. I get on very well with both my brothers, we look after each other”.

After being noticed by a social worker from Street Child, Mariatu and her brothers will now receive support, but their plight is characteristic of the problems faced by the most vulnerable groups of Ebola-hit children, and there are many more like them for whom life has got worse since Ebola.

Street Child CEO Tom Dannatt says: “We have met with many teenage orphans like Mariatu who have taken on the burden of looking after their young siblings and are struggling to cope. Several have dropped out of school, sacrificing their own futures to try and make sure that their brothers and sisters can stay in education. Sadly, running a business and a household is proving too tough for many of them.”

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