Emergency Flood Relief Appeal - Sierra Leone.

Please support our emergency flood relief appeal and help us support those impacted by the mudslides in the capital Freetown. 


In the early morning of Monday 14th August, the Sierra Leone capital Freetown was hit by horrific landslides and torrential rain. 

These communities, who live on the hill slopes on the edge of Freetown, are amongst the capital's poorest inhabitants. We have been working in and out of these communities since Street Child began operating in Freetown in 2009. Those who have survived this tragedy are left with simply nothing. 

Donations to Street Child's emergency flood relief appeal will go towards providing emergency relief and long-term recovery support. We will ensure donations received will be spent as quickly and as well as possible supporting our excellent social and livelihood teams in Sierra Leone. In the short term we will focus on food, shelter and water. Afterwards we'll focus on ensuring that affected children are able to restart school at the start of the school year in September; and then we will help affected families rebuild their livelihoods.

Your generosity has made such an enormous difference in the past. If at all possible, it is really needed now. All gifts received will be so hugely appreciated. Please give what you can. 

 Support victims of Freetown, Sierra Leone floods with charity Street Child

Emergency Flood Relief Appeal Update:

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Emergency Flood Relief Appeal for Sierra Leone so far.

Our teams distributed over 80,000 emergency food and water packages and provided over 5,000 people with clothing packages. Thank you for your support. 

To get more updates on our response to the Sierra Leone mudslides, please follow us on social media - @streetchilduk!

Stories From Our Work



Daniel's home was severely damaged by the flood. His mother was sleeping when the flood hit and was trapped in their home. Thankfully she managed to escape via a window.

Daniel wishes to continue attending school and studying English language which is his favourite subject. Sadly, the flood has washed away all of this family's income including the money that was set aside for his education. He is unsure whether his parents will be able to provide for his schooling in September.

Our Emergency Flood Relief Appeal will support victims like Daniel and his mother to rebuild their lives including helping children back to school.



Aminata lost her whole family in the flooding - both her parents and her four siblings. Aminata was on holiday visting her aunt when the flood hit and returned home to find her house and family were gone. 

She has staying at Kamayama distribution centre with her uncle where Street Child have been providing emergency food and clean water to the victims, like Aminata. Street Child have been present at Kamayama, along with the other four centres setup by the government in response to the flooding and mudslides in Freetown, since last Monday.