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42-44 Bishopsgate, London,
United Kingdom

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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

Exclusive Artwork Update

Spring Into Action

“Goddess of Spring” a Photographic artwork especially created by London artist Clare Newton in response to the Ebola Orphan Appeal will be up for auction for donations at the Ebola Benefit Ball on 29th November at the HAC in London.

The Street Child Project for me was a very inspirational experience. I was fascinated and
intrigued both with the actual setting and the way in which we were positioned for various
photo shots. I had the opportunity to be part of something that could potentially make an
influential difference on the lives of many.

After the project I have understood the importance and the impact of how it could effect
other people, and how lucky I am to have been raised in such a society where all I ever get is
opportunities. I appreciate the fact that I was given the chance to be part of this group and
would sincerely like to thank all those who put this photography session together for us all. I
just hope that by the end of all this, those little lives that we have done this for get the
appropriate treatment for what they deserve. At the end of the day 'WE ALL ARE HUMANS'.

Student reporter from Sarah Bonnell School
Alisha Fatima Tirmizi 8R

Clare has engaged the help of a splendid team of contributors to make a very special piece that also captures a moment in history. Marianne Marston – who play’s the Goddess, is the UK number One boxing champion, who’s International Title Fight took place Saturday 25th October against Marianna Gulyas, 

“When I first got the call from Clare I was more than a bit hesitant, I mean I was in the final weeks of my training camp for my title fight on October 25th, but after she explained that this was for a children’s charity I jumped at the opportunity”. 

For Marianne’s spectacular photo-shoot, Leica Camera’s lent £50,000 worth of equipment, which was needed to achieve the high resolution for the central piece of the artwork. While Charles Gervais, a technical lighting engineer kindly donated a day of his time and specialized equipment to light Marianne in an authentic Grecian goddess manner. Because Marianne is training for an International championship and taking part in an historical women’s professional fight, Manray Film and TV Crew took great interest in the making of this iconic work of art. The team filmed interviews, candid moments, and stand-in model and Kick-boxing champion Maria Carrara, to all set up and prepare for the intriguing images that will make up the surreal and seamless montage.

30 students from Sarah Bonnell Secondary School in Stratford, were given the chance to also take part. Firstly, the Students from 2 classes gathered to make giant sculptural flowers and seed pods, to act as props for the photo-shoot. Then after setting up the set, lights and cameras, they spent the entire day modelling and creating physical shapes to represent the process of dormancy to the bursting of new life - the essence of spring, change, new beginnings, new growth.

The final work of art is to be sold at the Ebola Benefit Ball on Saturday 29th November to raise vital funds for the Ebola Orphan Appeal. Special Thanks goes to:
Clare Newton – Innovation Artist
Marianna Maston – UK Boxing Champion
Rio Di Caro – Boxing Agent
Maria Carrara – Stand-in Model
Charles Gervais – Lighting engineer
Leica Cameras
Manray Film and TV Crew
Sarah Bonnell Students
Pat Andrews – Teacher and organiser