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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

Girls Speak Out

girls speak out appeal: giving girls the chance of an education

Why aren't girls going to school in sierra leone?

In Sierra Leone there is a dangerously worrying fact facing vulnerable young girls looking for a fair start in life: they’re simply not being given the opportunity to stay in school.

UNICEF research shows that even a single year of secondary education has the potential to increase a girl’s future earnings by up to 25%. Investment in girls’ education also has a multiplier effect: educated girls benefit from better family planning and have healthier children who are more likely to remain in education themselves. But Sierra Leonean girls are increasingly likely to drop out of school at this vital stage.  As a charity working at the very forefront of educational development in the region, Street Child felt it was imperative to find out why.

So we decided to ask them.

helping 10,000 girls to go to school

The Girls Speak Out Appeal was designed to raise a minimum of £1 million to ensure that more than 20,000 children can go to school and stay there.  The appeal was a massive success and now, having already offered girls across Sierra Leone the chance to speak out for the first time, our work on the ground will help ensure that the issues they face cannot continue to be ignored.

Through the efforts of our media partners we were able to carry our message far and wide to help create a better future for thousands of vulnerable girls. Thanks to a massive response from the UK public, we were able to ensure that the voices of the brave girls involved in our project were as loud as they could be and as a result, we'll help ensure more than 20,000 gain the opportunity go to school and stay there.

Street Child wants to say a huge THANK YOU to appeal patrons and partners as well as everyone across the UK that helped us create a movement that will ensure vulnerable girls’ voices can be heard. Together, we can achieve so much more.

Girls Speak Out On...

Our appeal focused on each of the barriers that girls highlighted to us and what we intend to do as an organisation to help resolve them.

Hear directly from some of the girls we spoke to during our national consultation in Sierra Leone by visiting our Girls Speak Out On... page where you can hear from some of the brave girls that contributed to our original consultation report. 

Our appeal patrons add their voice to the Street Child Girls Speak Out Appeal 

support our work with girls in some of the poorest countries in the world