How to Support Street Child. 


Whether you are looking for a one-year partnership or something longer, we love to build relationships at Street Child. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a CSR programme for your company that will not only differentiate you from your competitors and inspire your stakeholders, but have a real impact.  



We offer sponsorship opportunities for our special events – including the Sierra Leone Marathon or the Winter Ball – and also our projects in country – including schools and support vehicles. We are always flexible in our approach and will work with you to find the right opportunity and funding level.

Charity of the Year – We understand that you may have established processes to partner with charities. We’d love the opportunity to submit a proposal that fits perfectly within your strategic objectives.

Sponsor an Event – From UK balls to international challenge events, sponsoring a Street Child will give your brand great exposure and reduce our overheads – ensuring more money goes to supporting some of the world’s poorest children.

Sponsor a Project – We can make sure that your support goes to help the projects that have the greatest synergy with your company. From supporting children off the streets and into school, to building schools in some of the world’s most remote regions or providing training and support to family businesses, there is a project that will fit perfectly with your company’s ethos.


Corporate Donations – The simplest way to support Street Child is to make a corporate donation. Whether from funds raised by you’re your staff, from operating profits or from a corporate foundation, we can ensure you know where your funds are going and the difference they’re making. Businesses receive certain tax relief when making donations to charities. For more information on charitable giving by companies, you can go to: HMRC and CAF.

Payroll Giving – Also known as Give as You Earn (GAYE), this is a valuable long-term source of revenue which allows us to budget more effectively. Introduce us to your HR department if your company doesn’t already have payroll giving set up.

In-kind Gifts – We want to spend more money on support, not supplies. Some of the gifts in-kind that are particularly useful to us are:

  •   IT and office equipment for our UK and international offices.
  •   Prizes for raffles and auctions at our events.
  •   Meeting and event spaces in central London.

Time And Expertise.

Pro-bono services – We are always looking for professionals to offer their skills and expertise on a voluntary basis to help the work of Street Child. Some of the pro-bono services and gifts in-kind that are especially useful to us are:

  •   Creative design work
  •   Legal advice
  •   Business and financial management consultancy
  •   Networking opportunities

Volunteering Overseas – Travel to West Africa, Sri Lanka or Nepal with Street Child's International Volunteering Programme and work alongside local staff to change lives long-term. For more information, click here.

Staff Fundraising.

We offer some of the most unique fundraising experiences of any charity. From crawling through mud in the UK, running a marathon in Sierra Leone or Nepal, or cycling the trails of West Africa, there’s something for everyone.

Over the years we’ve organised corporate challenges – including the 2013 Sierra Leone Marathon Insurance challenge. Teams of 2 or more are invited to join in any of our fundraising challenges. Our dedicated team will provide you with support and  advice for both training and fundraising.