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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.


Legacy of Ebola Appeal

In excess of 8,500 people have died of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia. At last, the virus seems to be on the wane. However there is a parallel crisis raging across the region; one that is, sadly, far from over yet has tragically disappeared from public view

In Sierra Leone and Liberia there have been around 20,000 children orphaned by Ebola. Many of these are still at risk of hunger, malnutrition and abuse. And there are thousands more children whose access to education is now critically at risk as a direct result of the disease.

Many of Ebola's victims were on the margins of society before Ebola began. For the children and families left behind, the long-term effects of the virus are still very real. Without urgent and immediate support, this humanitarian crisis will increase.

This is the Legacy of Ebola: it is real and it is of truly crisis proportions. 

The goal of Street Child’s Legacy of Ebola Appeal is to raise £1million before to help ensure that a minimum of 20,000 Ebola-affected children in Sierra Leone and Liberia can progress along their journey from destitution towards a sustainable future. Whilst many children will require just a little more support to help us achieve this, others are still in emergency conditions with a dangerous lack of food security and no safe, responsible adult to rely upon. 

AS LITTLE AS £20 A MONTH can HELP AN EBOLA-affected child through this journey 


There are dozens of ways to help us ensure a sustainable future for children affected worst by Ebola.

Whether you're an individual fundraiser, looking to raise funds as a group, an adventure marathon fanatic, avid runner or looking for a challenge, we've got everything you need to support your fundraiser journey. 

Click here to find out more about how you can support our appeal.   


As our appeal progresses, we'll be taking time to focus on each step of an Ebola-affected child's journey towards a safe, sustainable future. This month we look at the vital need for ensuring food security for children at risk.  

Step Five: Family Support

With a child now within their family and back at school, Street Child’s Family Business Scheme works towards ensuring they stay there. Many of the hosueholds who have bravely taken in Ebola’s orphans are very poor themselves – already struggling to feed and educate their own children. Further, many suffered poor harvests or business collapses during the Ebola health emergency. Using proven techniques, we offer families small business grants and business training to help them develop simple businesses or farming enterprises with the potential to look after their children long into the future.


Help us create a Legacy of hope for children affected worst BY Ebola. 

As little as £20 a month will help us ensure that an Ebola-affected child can complete their journey  towards a more positive, sustainable, future.