legacy of ebola appeal

In 2015 Street Child launched an appeal to help the thousands of children impacted by the Ebola crisis.

In excess of 8,500 people died of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Sadly it left behind over 20,000 orphans who lost their parents to Ebola. Many of these are still at risk of hunger, malnutrition and abuse. And there are thousands more children whose access to education was critically at risk as a direct result of the disease.

Many of Ebola's victims were on the margins of society before Ebola began. For the children and families left behind, the long-term effects of the virus are still very real. This is the Legacy of Ebola.

Ebola Orphan Update

In 2017 Street Child has identified 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans who are in urgent need of support.

Thanks to you, over the last 18 months, Street Child has provided 8,000 Ebola-impacted households with significant support, in the form of food packages, school fees and business grants and advice. Street Child has helped 7,000 Ebola orphans to go to school in Sierra Leone and Liberia. However, the most vulnerable households are struggling to feed and educate their children. 

Supporting Ebola-impacted children

The goal of Street Child’s Legacy of Ebola Appeal was to raise £1million to help ensure that a minimum of 20,000 Ebola-affected children in Sierra Leone and Liberia can progress along their journey from destitution towards a sustainable future. Whilst many children will require just a little more support to help us achieve this, others are still in emergency conditions with a dangerous lack of food security and no safe, responsible adult to rely upon.