Meet the International Volunteer....

We’re celebrating the amazing work that our international volunteers do in Sierra Leone and Nepal. We spoke to Musu who spent time in Makeni, Sierra Leone!

Tell us about yourself:  
I spend a lot of my time globetrotting around the world, mixing with people from various ethnicities, learning about new cultures and eating adventurous foods. Before volunteering for Street Child, I worked in South Korea as an ESL English Teacher, teaching students from elementary level to grade 6. It was here I developed my passion for children’s education and the empowerment of young minds. Not to mention where I learnt how to become karaoke queen.

What did you do in your role as a volunteer?
As a Street Child international volunteer my role was to develop a new pilot scheme for an After-School Programme based in Makeni. The programme focuses on delivering additional curricular activities outside of the conventional classroom environment by providing organised sports and recreational activities as well as running educational sessions. The programme also focused on encouraging students to work in teams and empowering girls with the aim of raising their confidence. I got to work with the local community including local schools, volunteers and students all of which was an honour and a humbling experience.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Street Child?
I decided to volunteer for Street Child because I wanted to continue empowering young children through education. I specifically searched for a charity based in Sierra Leone because of my ties with the country (as I’m half Sierra Leonean). What drew me to Street Child particularly was their work in reuniting street children with their families, getting the children back to schools and supporting the families through their family business scheme. SC also have many other inspiring projects such as Street Child Commercial, Amputee Project and Rural Schools, all of which workers and volunteers continued to work on during the Ebola time – what heroes!

What was your highlight as a volunteer with Street Child?
Working with Street Child has by far been my most rewarding experience to date. It’s very hard to whittle down my two-month experience into one highlight. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the locals and students where I built such great relationships – I hope to return and be reunited. Another highlight was climbing the ever so steep Wasum Hill, passing mountain goats as I climbed and finally reaching the top overlooking the whole of Makeni – an unforgettable moment!

Tell us something nobody at Street Child knows about you.
I’ve tried fried spider in China and raw octopus in South Korea.

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