Street Child’s Chloe Brett travelled to Liberia last week to work alongside our staff on the ground, delivering much needed humanitarian and educational support to those suffering during the Ebola crisis.

Chloe appeared live on Sky News on Monday morning; she discussed her time in Liberia and the plight of Ebola orphaned children in Liberia. She spoke passionately about the work needed to overcome the stigma attached to Ebola and how our teams in Sierra Leone and Liberia can overcome the orphan crisis. Click here to view the interview.

Chloe also filmed a daily video diary which was shown on Sky News every morning. Click on the links below for an insight into her time in Liberia. 

Day seven: As Chloe gets ready to leave Monrovia she reflects on the scale of the orphan crisis and the work that needs to be done by Street Child in collaboration with other large aid agencies.

Day six: Chloe meets two young children who lost both their mother and father to Ebola. They have been taken in by a neighbour who has received business support from Street Child. Click here to watch the clip. 

Day five: Chloe talks about the emotional and physical difficulties of working in Ebola ravaged Monrovia. She meets a family of seven children who have been left to fend for themselves after the death of their mother; Street Child delivered much needed aid and counselling. Click here to watch the clip.

Day four: Chloe meets with The Ministry of Health in Liberia, appears on local radio to help tackle stigma and she discusses the crisis facing West Point, the largest slum in Monrovia. Click here to watch the clip 

Day three: Chloe talks about the vast need of the thousands of Ebola orphans in Monrovia and visits a Street Child interim care centre for orphans with no other home. Click here to watch the clip.

Day two: Chloe reports from the airport and reveals the difficulties of getting a flight to Liberia. Click here to watch the clip. 

Day one: Chloe finishes packing her case for Liberia; she talks about her expectations for the trip and the work she will be doing. Click here to watch the clip. 




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