Our exciting 5th birthday event and kickoff to our Every Child in School appeal on the 20th March was well covered by the press. Here are some excerpts of media stories about us and our work in West Africa. Please click on the links to read more…

The Metro publicised Sarah Harding’s “daunting debut at Kensington Palace in London with an acoustic set in aid of Street Child”: Click here for the full story.

The Daily Mail said that Sarah Harding “certainly picked a worthy event for her first solo endeavour, as Street Child is a UK charity which aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.”. Read more here.

The Mirror decreed that Sarah Harding “launched herself back into the world of music with a bang” at our 5th anniversary party.

This Evening Standard piece talks of Sarah Harding’s new solo material at our 5th birthday celebration and has some great pictures of the event. See the full article here.

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