After a long journey from Monrovia to the city of Accra in Ghana, then a 4-hour bus journey across the border to Togo, our Liberian players have arrived in Rio!

Our social worker John Bull said he could not believe the response Team Liberia have had as they made their journey:

"People believe in our cause and really want to help...So far the Street Child World Cup has been a wonderful experience and can only get better.” 

Their journey in Brazil started with a powerful and vibrant opening ceremony, with hundreds of street children wearing their football kit or national dress. There was even a message from the Pope, encouraging sporting events like the SCWC to continue in building relationships and promoting peace.

Our team later had a seminar entitled the ‘Tree of Life’, in which they talked about what qualities they recognise in their favourite players and what skills they can learn from football that can be applied to life.

They were asked to describe how they feel being in Brazil. Soko said: “I’ve never been to a place like this before, it is amazing”, and Zwannah said he is “so thankful for this opportunity”.

When asked collectively what their goals for the future are, our team said: “Many people in our country are suffering, we want to use this opportunity and experience to better ourselves and help in our community.” To follow our team’s progress in Rio, see the Team Liberia blog.

Our players also talked to Match of the Day before they left, telling them that Barcelona are their biggest footie influence. Read more here.

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