Time to catch up on some earlier news. On the 21st of May, as many international runners were flying out of Heathrow en route to the start line of the Sierra Leone Marathon, in another part of Europe 220 students from Vilnius International School in Lithuania took part in the school's, and quite possibly the country's, first ever sponsored running event.

Well over Β£4,000 was raised during the day as classes of students took it in turns to head over to the nearby park to set off on running as many laps as they could. With this form of fundraising being untested in Lithuania we would like to thank the teachers, parents and, of course, all the runners for their superb effort in getting behind this initiative. The event was covered by the local media and we are proud to be associated with such a groundbreaking event in Lithuania.

Our connection with Lithuania dates back to 2012 when a team of six runners from Vilnius participated in the first Sierra Leone Marathon. Since then the team, called Running For Change, has continued to raise funds for the construction of a school in Tambakha. We are delighted that our relationship with Lithuania continues to thrive with Vilnius International School becoming actively involved, through various school activities, in supporting Street Child and specifically the school that has been 'Made in Lithuania'.

Street Child