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United Kingdom

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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in Africa and Asia. 

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Street Child

As Street Child continues its enormous effort to help children return to - and be able to stay in - school after Ebola, the charity confirmed that it has now given direct financial assistance to over 20,000 in Liberia and Sierra Leone this year. We plan to help thousands more children back into school at the start of the new term in January.

In Sierra Leone, Street Child has financially assisted 17,241 children back into primary school and 1,266 into secondary school. In Liberia we’ve supported 1,500 Ebola-affected children into school.

Kelfa Kargbo, Country Director of Street Child of Sierra Leone commented: “We are proud of these numbers. I don’t know what other organisation can boast of having helped over 20,000 children into school since Ebola. In fact, if you also consider the 190 rural schools Street Child effectively operates or provides critical support to, the total rises to probably nearer 40,000 we have helped back into learning since Ebola. But the reality is it is still not enough. There are so many who are either not attending, or if they are they are not attending regularly enough or without the materials needed to learn. We will keep doing what we can to reach even greater numbers.”