Schools across Sierra Leone reopened their doors to eager pupils this week following nine months bereft of education due to a nationwide ban on public gatherings aimed at curbing the spread of Ebola.

The presence of Ebola prevention measures such as testing pupils' temperatures and widespread buckets of chlorinated water were a welcome sight at project locations across the country. These precautions will help ensure children can return to their classrooms for the first time this school year to find as safe a learning environment as possible. 

Street Child wholeheartedly welcomes this positive development as a significant step on the country's road to recovery. Of course, there are still Ebola-affected children across the country that are yet to be in a position to benefit from reopened schools - especially those affected by increased poverty or traumatic circumstance during the Ebola crisis. Ensuring as many of those children gain access to education will be Street Child's primary mission in the coming months. For most Sierra Leoneans though, this return to education was hailed as a happy occasion for a country in much-need of positive news. 

You can see coverage of Street Child's efforts to support the Back to School process on BBC's Newsround and the Sunday Mirror, who visited Street Child's project locations during this landmark week.