It seemed so far off in the horrific Monrovia days of September & October, when the dead and dying lay in the street but a remarkable decline in cases, beginning in the late Autumn finally culminated in Liberia going 42 days without Ebola on Saturday 10th May and therefore being declared Ebola free!

Chloe Brett, Street Child’s Liberia Programmes Director gave comment to the Guardian and an interview to Al Jazeera. Chloe, like everyone, expressed enormous relief and joy that the date had been successfully reached.

Of course however she was also at pains to point out how much there still remains to be done to recover from the crisis, especially in respect of:

·         Care for orphans – many of whom remain in perilous states

·         Back to school for all – though open since Feb, schools remain sparse

·         Livelihood recovery for all – especially the poorest and those hit the hardest by Ebola

In April, Street Child co-hosted a journalist and film-maker from the Guardian who recently published 2 excellent pieces following his trip, which Street Child highly recommend. The issues outlined apply equally to the Liberian setting:

·         On the challenges of back to school for all – a superb 6-minute video

·         On the importance of supporting livelihood recovery – this article