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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in Africa and Asia. 

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Street Child

One year on from the Nepal earthquake which left 1 million children out of school and destroyed over 50,000 classrooms, Street Child is proud to reveal the progress of its work in the country’s worst affected communities.

The Nepal earthquake damaged schools, left thousands with life-altering disabilities and destroyed livelihoods. Street Child has been working hard to identify and protect the most vulnerable children.

In the remote community of Okhaldunga, Street Child has built 40 temporary learning centres and trained 20 teachers on how to prepare for, and respond to, future earthquakes. Street Child is committed to continuing our support by building more permanent and earthquake resilient schools to ensure children have safe places to continue their education.

For those children left with disabilities and amputations, Street Child are working to provide prosthetic limbs and improve access to rehabilitation and counselling as well as ensuring that schools are more accessible for disabled children.

The earthquake destroyed many livelihoods forcing families to take on seasonal and temporary work, such as bricklaying. The children of these families are often unable to attend school for a full academic year which in many cases leads to them dropping out for good. In response, Street Child is in the process of building schools at several brick factories to provide a bespoke education to the children of seasonal workers. We will be working with an educational expert to create a unique and condensed curriculum that facilitates the education of children on the move. The schools will house regular health check-ups to combat the risk of injury and poor health that the children are exposed to at the factories. We’re also in the advanced planning stages of building more than 150 permanent schools in four of the areas affected worst by the earthquake.

Street Child CEO, Tom Dannatt, commented: "After our effective response to the Ebola crisis, Street Child was asked to work with local partners in Nepal to assist in re-establishing education in the worst-affected communities. One year on I’m proud of the progress we have made having already helped thousands of children into education. There is much more to be done to create sustainable educational opportunities for children across Nepal in rural and urban areas but I’m confident Street Child will deliver."

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