After a five-year commitment, Bart van der Vliet is stepping down as Chairman of Street Child at the start of 2017 to focus on new challenges. Bart remains a passionate supporter of the charity and keen to support our work in whatever ways he can. As Chair, Bart has made a significant and generous contribution to the life of the charity - from his broad-ranging formal duties, to the energy he has given to many of Street Child's boldest initiatives, in particular the Sierra Leone Marathon.  Bart's characteristic enthusiasm has inspired many to get behind Street Child. We are enormously grateful - and wish him every success in the future.

 Street Child is delighted that Pete Garratt, an advisor and trustee of the charity since 2008, will be replacing Bart, initially as an interim Chairman. Pete has been working in international development for 17 years and brings a wealth of expertise with him from senior roles in major organisations, particularly in the field of disaster response. He is exceptionally well placed to chair the organisation - especially as we look to develop our growing focus on children in emergencies. Pete, like Street Child, also began his development career in Makeni - in Pete's case with a 9-month posting for a Canadian charity in 2004. He has also spent a significant portion of his career working on Nepal, in particular in his roles with the British and International Federation of the Red Cross. 

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