Access to Education - Nepal, Street Child Charity

Today is a big day for Street Child of Nepal as we open our first 'non-earthquake' related project - a school for 'brick factory children' in Bhaktapur, on the edge of Kathmandu.

As we've been re-building schools in earthquake-affected communities, we have identified pockets of 'invisible' children who have no access to education at all.

Children of brick workers are one such group – labourers are typically migrant workers from India and South Nepal and often whole families will live and work on site for the entire six month brick season – during which time children are often living in dangerous conditions, exposed to labour and out of school. In fact, our research shows that 66 per cent of children living in brick kilns have never been to school. The majority of parents are desperate for their children to have an education knowing that it’s the pathway to a better future.

We’ve partnered with grass-roots charity Kopila Nepa who are experienced in providing children of brick kiln workers with an accelerated learning programme where they learn a year’s curriculum in just six months. They’ve even seen children return to existing school systems and outperform their peers!

The new Street Child School, run with the support of the owners of the brick kiln and local partners, is a first step in providing education for these ‘invisible’ children and giving them hope for the future. We hope it's the first of many schools to come!

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