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Street Child is delighted to announce the launch of our new Right to Learn Appeal to support some of the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria to go to school. Your support this winter will have double the impact thanks to the UK government who will be matching all donations pound for pound until 15th February.

A child born in West Africa has one of the lowest chances in the world of learning to read and write. In Sierra Leone, less than half of children go to secondary school. Liberia is expected to be the last country in the world to achieve education for all. In northeast Nigeria, conflict has left millions of children out of school.

By ensuring that thousands of children are given the chance to go to school, we can give them a chance to break free from poverty. We will give a brighter future to children facing the biggest barriers – children in conflict-impacted regions, children in rural communities, children in poverty and girls.

We want to raise a minimum of £1 million between 16th November and 15th February to help ensure that 10,000 children are given the chance to go to school. We will be supporting children with education materials, helping families to set up businesses, training teachers and refurbishing classrooms.

International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, said: “Every single child has the right to learn. Education has the power to transform lives and for the most vulnerable, it can provide a sense of normality and structure.

“Street Child’s Right to Learn appeal will give thousands of children in West Africa the opportunity to take control of their lives and have the skills to contribute to the economic development of their country.”

Street Child’s CEO Tom Dannatt commented: ‘I’m delighted to announce the launch of our Right to Learn appeal. This will be Street Child’s third UK Aid match appeal and is a huge opportunity for Street Child to continue to make a real difference to some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

“West Africa is facing an education crisis.  We hope the UK public will get behind our Right to Learn appeal and support vulnerable children to learn to read and write – giving them the tools they need for a brighter future.”

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