Serah is just one of 30 mothers who received a business grant from Street Child in Nigeria, after fleeing their homes from conflict in the North East of the country. Serah lives in the New Kuchingoro IDP camp with her four children; one of them is a Sickle Cell Anemia patient.

According to Serah, her daughterโ€™s health condition has been a great concern to them as she is often ill and requires a blood transfusion every two months. Street Child was shown hospital debt amounting to #70,000. Serah lost her source of income after it was destroyed as a result of the conflict and was desperate to clear the debt.


Thanks to Street Child, Serah received a business grant and training which enabled her to start a bead making business within the camp. Her business is going well and she has told us how in just two week of receiving the grant she has sold #15,000 worth of beads and is able to start paying the hospital bill. She has paid #10,000 off the bill and re-invested 5,000 into her business.

Serah added that if the sales continue in this way in a short while she will have cleared the hospital debt and still have enough to re-invest into her business, save, provide for the family and manage the health of her sick daughter.

She concluded by thanking Street Child for their support and for empowering her to setup a sustainable business so she can continue to care for her family.

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