Two weeks ago Street Child launched an Emergency Flood Relief Appeal to help the thousands of people affected by the flooding and mudslides in Freetown. The latest figures show that nearly 1,000 people have been reported missing or dead, and that a further 5,300 have been affected. Of these 1,100 are primary school age children, and 983 are secondary school age children.   

Street Child was quick to respond, launching the first formal appeal from a major agency, and we have already provided over 25,000 emergency food packages, including clean water, and provided clothing to over 5,000 people. In recent days our social workers have begun going out into the communities to speak to victims and conduct counselling to those who have been traumatised by this tragedy. 

Amongst the next priorities is to ensure that the 2,000 plus children caught up in the disaster can access education. In times of crisis education is often neglected, but going to school provides children with a safe space to learn and play in, as well as empowering them in the longer term. After the devastation they have witnessed, school gives them a chance for a normal life. 

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the Emergency Flood Relief Appeal. Funds raised so far have enabled us to provide support where it is needed most, but there is still a lot more work to be done. 

Street Child