“I see Street Child and it makes me smile. You’ve been here with us.”

This is just one of the comments made to Street Child Field Officer Catherine Elgonaid as she spent the last two weeks supporting Street Child’s flood relief efforts on the ground in Freetown.

Street Child’s initial response has involved the distribution of over 80,000 ready-to-eat food packages, including drinking water, to those who were left with nothing after, relatives and friends, as well as homes, belongings and livelihoods were lost in the disaster. More recently, the team has also started to provide ‘wet food’ items as well as pots, pans, plates and cutlery so that people can begin preparing their own meals again. Catherine observed how “something as simple as a big cooking pot can make a big difference for whether hundreds of people are able to eat that day.”

Providing cooking utensils isn’t just about a practical approach, these small gestures can help to restore people’s dignity and sense of worth in a time of adversity. Catherine was told: “thank you so much for thinking of that – now I feel like we’re dignified people.”

Street Child is already looking to the future, and is committed to helping the people in Freetown who are most vulnerable to flooding when the rainy season arrives each year. Every year flood-prone communities are severely impacted and are left unable to go to work or school and at risk of serious health issues. With your support, we can help these communities have a brighter future.

You can view some of Catherine’s photos from her time in Freetown here.

Street Child