New $230,000 Grant from ‘Education Cannot Wait’

As a key player in an international coalition that includes Plan International, Save the Children and UNICEF, Street Child has been granted $230,000 by Education Cannot Wait in order to provide safe and equitable access to education to conflict-effected children in the Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States of North East Nigeria.


A 6 month ‘Education in Emergencies’ project will see Street Child build on our existing ‘Right to Learn’ programme in North East Nigeria to work with an additional 7,500 children in both formal and non-formal education.


The conflict in North East Nigeria has been devastating, with schools and children often targeted in violent attacks.  Since the rise of armed conflict in 2009, some 1,400 schools have been damaged or destroyed in Nigeria. In Borno State alone, 57 per cent of schools remain closed today.
According to Human Rights Watch, in some cases students recruited by Boko Haram attacked their own schools and killed their own teachers. An estimated 19,000 teachers have been displaced by conflict in Nigeria since 2009, with 2,295 killed in the violence.

The overall Education Cannot Wait programme is coordinated by the Education Cluster in North East Nigeria in partnership with the Government of Nigeria and will support capacity building for 800 teachers and rehabilitate 50 classrooms. The programme will support internally displaced children and those permanently settled in these regions by providing educational supplies, permanent schools, basic humanitarian support, and training for teachers to promote the psycho-social development of these war-affected students.
“This support is essential in responding to the immediate needs of the people of North East Nigeria,” said Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait, a new global Fund that has already reached close to 1 million children living in conflict. “Education for all cannot be an afterthought in crisis. This First Emergency Response is just the beginning of our efforts to break the cycle of poverty and violence in the region, and protect boys and girls returning from conflict and still living with the scars of war. As we scale up this work through multi-year investments along with other local, national and international actors, we will expand our support to include more comprehensive actions to reach the estimated 1.8 million children in the region in need of this targeted support.” 
The situation in North East Nigeria continues to be a highly complex humanitarian crisis. With 7.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including 4.3 million children who remain the primary victims of the ongoing conflict.

About Education Cannot Wait (ECW) 
ECW is a global fund launched by international humanitarian and development aid actors, along with public and private donors, to deliver education in conflict and crisis settings. ECW’s Secretariat is hosted by UNICEF in its Headquarters in New York.
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