The Oxfam/Haiti affair has horrified us all. Sex in aid is a real issue and everyone needs to work harder on this. I believe Street Child systems and culture are already robust in this area but Street Child trustees and management are reviewing them in light of the recent revelations. If you would like further details on what we are doing, please do get in touch. 

Many of those who have expressed shock and concern at these events in recent days have done so with the best intentions, motivated by a desire to improve the provision of aid overseas. But it has also, sadly, provided an opportunity for those who wish to push an "anti aid" agenda to further those aims. It is horrifying that any aid workers pay for sex with vulnerable young people they are meant to help. It is equally horrifying that any young people feel they have to sell themselves to aid workers, or anyone else. In this debate, we must not lose sight of the situations of the people we seek to help - aid goes wrong when that happens. The focus must be on the needs of those we seek to help.

Street Child