The Kroo Bay Fire - What We Know So Far...


Wednesday 6th March – 2pm

Kroo Bay is one of about a dozen highly over populated slum communities dotted around Freetown.  Prone to fire outbreaks, flooding and outbreaks of infectious diseases life in Kroo Bay is precarious at the best of times.

Reports from Street Child of Sierra Leone tell us that fire broke out in the early hours of the morning.  Firefighters were not able to reach the fire, because the streets are so narrow and so residents fought the fire themselves using seawater from the bay.

According to APA news:

  • An estimated 309 houses and 895 inhabitants have been affected by the fire

  • There are no reported deaths

  • The Office of National Security immediately distributed 309 bags of rice, 309 blankets, 309 pots, 309 dignity kits and 309 buckets to the community.

The We Yone school which Street Child has supported for many years lies within the Kroo Bay slum and has 200 children registered.  The school was saved from the fire.

Many of the community who are now homeless are now camping on the Kroo Bay football field.

Street Child