Our Research.


Street Child carries out research in the countries we work in to influence our programme design and better understand the issues facing the children and families we work with.


2018 A Rapid Assessment of the Prevalence and Impact of Disabilities among Children On the High Plateau in South Kivu, DR Congo

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In order to understand the impact of disability among children in the remote and conflict-affected high plateau of South Kivu, DR Congo, Street Child carried out this assessment which will help inform future Street Child programming.

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2018 Study on the Barriers to Education for Children with Disabilities in Sierra Leone


The planning of new inclusive education services is being hampered by a lack of reliable data on education and disability in Sierra Leone. To help address this challenge, Street Child conducted both primary and secondary research on barriers to education for children with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

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2016 National Consultation on Adolescent Girls' Education in Sierra Leone

Our staff interviewed 2,000 in and out-of-school girls across Sierra Leone to better understand the barriers to girls' education. This major Street Child report outlines the top five barriers to girls' education as reported by the girls themselves in Sierra Leone. 

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2017 Meet the Musahars: Understanding Musahar Marginalisation                      

Our latest research in Nepal aims to understand the factors affecting the Musahar community - the most marginalised group in Nepal, their ability to access education and their attitudes towards exclusion and inclusion from education. 

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2015 Street Child Sierra Leone Ebola Orphan Report


The Street Child Ebola Orphan Report, the first of its kind to be produced, uncovers the true scale and nature of the Ebola orphan crisis and formed the basis for Street Child's Ebola Orphan Appeal supporting the 12,000 children orphaned by the devastating virus. 

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2012 Street Child National Head Count of Street Children in Sierra Leone

Street Child staff conducted the first ever headcount of street children across Sierra Leone to understand the numbers of children living on the streets of Sierra Leone and the reasons behind why they are there and how best to support them to return to school. 

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