Throughout our appeal, we'll be taking time to hear directly from some of the girls we spoke to during our national consultation in Sierra Leone. Hear from Mariama, Fatu, Mary and Kadiatu on how parental attitudes towards girls' education has prevented them from staying in school.

MARIAMA, 18 years-old

I despair of the situation. I want to advocate to make sure that girls stay in school. If girls and their families are aware that education is important they will have the zeal to make sure they’re in school. 

People in this community do want to help and people can learn the importance of supporting girls through school. But if we don’t reach out to them for help, if we don’t try to help them change, then it will never happen.


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THROUGH OUR APPEAL IT COSTS JUST £20 A MONTH TO HELP US setup A FAMILY business with a secure income so girls can go to school instead of working to provide for their families