Will You Take The Pop-Up Pub Quiz Challenge?

Put on a Pop-Up Pub Quiz for Street Child, and help ensure that some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable children can go to school.


Put on a Pub Quiz, Anytime, Anywhere

(Literally! Think wine and cheese quiz on a rooftop bar or a London quiz on a boat down the Thames) From venue ideas and themed nights to questions and how-to guides we have everything you need to put on your own Pop-Up Pub Quiz.

There are over 60 million primary school aged children out of school in the world.

The money you help to raise will go towards ensuring that even the most vulnerable and most marginalised children are given the chance to go to school and have hope for the future.

To put on your pub quiz, all you have to do is request a Pop-Up Pub Quiz pack. Email lucy@street-child.co.uk for more information!