A HUGE thank you to our amazing VLMers

This April an incredible four Street Child supporters took on the London Marathon. Thanks to Ibrahim, Tony, Caroline and Allie who all ran one of the world's most famous marathons right here in London. 

Tony is a long-time Street Child supporter who ran the Sierra Leone Marathon back in 2014. This year Tony took on London in support of Street Child, coming home in a very impressive 3hr55!

Ibrahim is a sports masseuse and keen long-distance runner who will take on a number of marathons this year, including Brussels, Valencia and Lausanne. After training on the lovely Lumley beach in Freetown, Ibrahim returned to London, running the marathon in a rapid 3hrs10. 

Both Caroline and Allie took it easy, using London as a training run for this year's Sierra Leone Marathon which they will both be running in May.

Caroline paced herself through but powered home in the last 7km to overtake 1,100 runners and Allie, who is has a full calendar of marathons and ultras for Street Child this year, ran in an impressive 3hrs58!

Together they raised well over Β£2,000 (and counting!) in support of Street Child. AMAZING STUFF!