Why We Love Running in Autumn



September, a month of new beginnings and new goals. Other than the fact that we have some awesome running events coming up over the next few months, we also believe the joys of Autumn running are many - the fallen leaves carpeting the trails and sidewalks, the faint smell of smoldering bonfires and the warming comfort food for a post-run treat. Here are our top 8 reasons why you should run in Autumn:

1) Autumn Inspiration

From the Nepal Marathon to the Kelpies Supernova Run, we have spectacular races everywhere to get you fired up at this time of year. What’s even better, we still have places so if you’re feeling the end-of-summer blues and want to keep up your running now is the perfect time to get involved in our big autumn races and knuckle down to some hard training again.

2) Unpredictable Weather

Whether you’re swept along by the wind, dripped on by the rain, or lucky enough to have a cool warm breeze (or even all three at once), running in Autumn is completely unpredictable and will always keeps you on your toes.The weather can be ideal - unlike in winter, you shouldn’t be absolutely freezing but, equally, there’s no longer any need to worry about getting a vest tan or running in a pool of sweat.

3) Off the Beaten Track

We’ve all had those runs where we just see where the path takes us - albeit often having to turn back on ourselves as we get lost in the middle of nowhere. But you can’t deny that there’s a certain romance about going off-road at this time of year. With the glorious glowing colours of the trees, shiny conkers gleaming on the ground, and the odd frost ensuring the mud isn’t too hard to get through, it’s the perfect time to get back to nature.

4) New Beginnings, New Goals

While the kids head off (or back) to school, September is a time to start afresh and set yourself new goals. Whether it be your first 10K or getting a personal best in a marathon, we have plenty of events lined up for you to train for.

5) Suited and Booted with a New Kit

As the well-known Scandinavian expression goes, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”. Autumn is a perfect excuse to take yourself on a little shopping spree for new gear as you prepare for the cooling temperatures. From running hats to protect your ears to those long-sleeved shirts with thumb holes, Autumn is all about the layers - and be sure to kit up with reflective gear as it gets darker.

6) Warming ‘Recovery’ Food

It’s never easy to haul yourself out for a run on cold days or when inevitable seasonal downpours and gales make it an effort just to run to the end of your street. Force yourself out though and you can look forward to the best bit of autumn running - getting warm again! Treat yourself to a hearty casserole, a sweet apple crumble or a gorgeous milky hot chocolate after your run.

7) Run Longer

Use the cooler weather to your benefit and and ramp up your mileage. These longer runs can help you reignite that passion for longer distance running that fell out of favor during the hot summer months.

8) You’ll be Stronger for Spring

It’s the season to train so get yourself in top shape for our spectacular events coming up in 2018. Looking to run a PB in the Paris marathon in spring? What you do between October and December will have a huge bearing on how successful you are. Knuckle down now, embrace cross-country, plan a few new routes, and head into 2018 feeling fitter than ever. We have some awesome running events in the new year so make sure to check out our 2018 calendar!!

Street Child Staff