Over the nine years of Boko Haram insurgency, thousands of families have been separated and children orphaned or left unaccompanied. We are working to reconnect these children with their families.


*Names of all beneficiaries have been changed to protect their identity.


Amina and Hakeema.

Amina and Hakeema* are looked after by Zainab and her husband.

Zainab says: ‘When Boko Haram invaded our village we fled with our children. We were running in the bush and that’s when we saw the girls. They were crying. I asked them where their father was. They said that Boko Haram had shot him and they didn’t know the whereabouts of their mother. So my husband and I picked them up and we ran.’

‘No human being could have seen these girls and have just left them in that situation.’

The family have now lived together at the Internally Displaced People [IDP] camp for over two years.

The Street Child Family Reunification team have the long and arduous task of trying to trace their birth mother to see if the girls can be reunited with their original family.

In the meantime Street Child has supported Zainab with a Family Business Grant so that she could set up a small sustainable business selling firewood earning money to support her extended family.