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Missed out on #LondonMarathon 2018?

Take on one of our featured UK and international marathons instead and help change the lives of thousands of vulnerable children in some of the world's poorest countries.

Check out our marathon calendar here to and join the team in Manchester, Paris or Barcelona next year - we still have a few charity places available in our running events - no ballot needed!

Got your own place? We would LOVE you to run for us this April, get in touch to see how your place can help change lives. 

                             Run Royal Parks Half Marathon for Street Child

                             Run Royal Parks Half Marathon for Street Child

                                Manchester Marathon for Street Child

                                Manchester Marathon for Street Child

                       Hackney Half Marathon - sign up for Street Child!

                       Hackney Half Marathon - sign up for Street Child!

                                                   Run in Paris for Street Child!

                                                   Run in Paris for Street Child!


Hear what our runners say about street child:

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"Everything started just for fun, on a night out with colleagues 'Would you like to run the Berlin Marathon with us? It’s gonna be fun and we are doing it for a good cause: we are supporting Street Child helping vulnerable children in Africa and South Asia' 
I didn't really know what to expect from it, but the more I was training, the more I got into it.

Coming the week of the race, I felt good, mentally and physically prepared, I can do it. But the actual day of the race is a whole different story I definitely wasn't prepared for - the widest range of emotions I ever felt, one after the other, during all the 42km. And at the last turn, when I saw the Brandenburg Gate, they came back all in once and stayed with me till I crossed the finish line. I'm so grateful I got dragged into it, it requires lots of dedication and for sure good few days to recover, but it pays off big time.

A huge thank you to Street Child, you support has been incredible and this adventure has been one of the best one I have ever lived. Thank you SO much or having given me this opportunity, it has such a fulfilling experience all the way through."

- Alessandra, conqueror of Berlin Marathon 2017


From Full Marathons and Half Marathons to Tough Mudders, Sky Dives and International Cycling Challenges there's something for everyone! 

Use the drop-downs to find your perfect event or scroll down to browse through all of our charity runs and challenges. 

How we’ll support you: 

Our dedicated running and challenge team will be behind you every step of the way making sure that you have a great time during your run as well as raising as much as possible for charity!

Email us at to find out more about how you can get involved. 


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