Help us to create a generation of Change Makers

Entire generations of children are growing up in communities where no effective education provision exists.
A state of affairs, which, tragically, exists in thousands of towns and villages around the world.

Education is THE vital strategy for creating actual CHANGE within the developing world.

At the very minimum, education gives children a better chance of sustaining themselves and ensuring they lead a healthier, longer and more prosperous life. At its best, education creates a generation of Change Makers, giving them the tools to be the architects for changing the future of their community and their country.

Sierra Leone 1000

Our first project is in Sierra Leone, where we will be building 1000 schools over the next 5 years.

The program will directly target communities with little, or zero, effective education provision – communities where no, or very small numbers of children, are passing the national end of primary school examinations.

The cost to get a school up and running can vary vastly. It can typically cost between £2,000-£15,000 per community. We’re asking donors to contribute to the ‘Schools For Tomorrow’ initiative, so that we can make a difference to 1000 communities and give over 100,000 children an education that will start them on the path to change their world.

In return, your donation will be recognised with a plaque on one of the community schools and you will receive photos and updates.

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At present we are able to offer school sponsorship for a donation of £1000.

This is because all public donations to Street Child’s ‘Count Me In’ campaign made before 21st February, will be
matched by the UK Government up to £2 million.


Where your money goes

Supporting a school doesn’t just mean building a new school. In order to create the effective conditions for education the money from your donation will also be used to galvanise communities, provide training and developing revenue streams for schools to ensure their sustainability for the long term.

Work will span:

  1. School construction, refurbishment and extensions;

  2. Education quality initiatives including extensive teacher training and provision of resources for teachers and students such as classroom equipment, furniture & books;

  3. Community advocacy on the importance of education and the role of caregivers in supporting children’s learning;

  4. Income generating initiatives, such as school farms and seed lending schemes designed to enhance community schools’ sustainability.

To find out more information about our
Schools for Tomorrow project please email: