Thank you for choosing to sponsor a school!

Please choose your preferred way to donate.

You can pay the full £2000 in one go or spread the cost over 2 years via a monthly donation plan:


Where your money goes

Supporting a school doesn’t just mean building a new school.

In order to create the effective conditions for education the money from your donation will also be used to galvanise communities, provide training and developing revenue streams for schools to ensure their sustainability for the long term.

Work will span:

  1. School construction, refurbishment and extensions

  2. Education quality initiatives including extensive teacher training and provision of resources for teachers and students such as classroom equipment, furniture & books

  3. Community advocacy on the importance of education and the role of caregivers in supporting children’s learning

  4. Income generating initiatives, such as school farms and seed lending schemes designed to enhance community schools’ sustainability

Please email us if you would like more information.