Why get involved?

Entire generations of children are growing up in communities where no effective education provision exists. A state of affairs which tragically, exists in thousands of towns and villages around the world.

Education is the vital strategy for creating actual change within the developing world.

At the very minimum, education gives children a better chance of sustaining themselves and ensuring they lead a healthier, longer and more prosperous life. At its best, education creates a generation of Change Makers, giving them the tools to be the architects for changing the future of their community and their country.


Sierra Leone 1000

We will be transforming learning in 1,000 villages in Sierra Leone over the next 5 years so that we can give over 100,000 children an education that will start them on the path to change their world.

The programme will directly target communities with little, or zero, effective education provision – communities where no, or few, children, are passing the national end of primary school examinations.


Watch the film to find out how your support could give more children a school they can be proud of


A Meaningful Tribute.

Donating in memory of a loved one will give hundreds of children the chance to learn to read and write - a lasting meaningful tribute.


A Unique Gift.

Sponsoring a school makes a truly unique gift for someone you love.

Your support will give more children a classroom they can learn in and a school to be proud of - an amazing gift that will keep on giving. 


A Group Effort.

You can choose to contribute with friends, family, your community group or as a school. Your support will give generations of children a chance to learn to read and write.


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