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Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.

Sierra Leone

sierra leone


Why sierra leone?

When Street Child’s work began in Sierra Leone in 2008, it was the poorest nation in the world and had been devastated by a decade of civil war. Children were suffering from the war’s legacy of poverty and destruction. Thousands of the poorest children were trying to survive on the streets.

Street Child’s work began with a small handful of street children, connecting them to families and helping them go to school. Our work quickly expanded to include all children who were unable to access education - for reasons including poverty, lack of schools, losing your parents or simply being a girl

In 2014 the Ebola virus epidemic threw the country into crisis again. Thousands of children were orphaned and families torn apart. Street Child led the Ebola orphan response, helping over 12,000 children impacted by the epidemic and we continue to support children who are still struggling.

Today we work to give the country’s poorest children better futures through education, helping to lift whole communities out of poverty.

What we do

By providing a combination of psycho-social support, quality education and family business support, we give children the chance to live in a secure home with a family and to access the education they need to set them up for life. 

Whether we’re supporting children orphaned by a crisis like Ebola, or helping girls to go to school, we focus on really understanding the problem and delivering long-term solutions. We help some of the hardest to reach and most vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone: street children, children in rural communities, children in poverty, girls and children impacted by crisis. 


livelihoods support

For so many of the families we work with, the cost of education is too high. Simple household poverty keeps thousands of children out of school.

Our Family Business Teams exist to change that. The teams provide business training, planning, grants, loans and incentivised savings schemes with impressive results.

With the right training and support the families are empowered to lift themselves out of extreme poverty so they are able to afford the costs of feeding, clothing and educating their children. 

To date, we have supported over 12,000 families to setup business helping over 22,000 children to go to school.


Training teachers

Many teachers in rural schools have never had formal training. Our teaching specialists provide ongoing in-classroom training, mentoring and supervision for more than 600 teachers across Sierra Leone. 

The training and certification of teachers can transform the lives of the teachers and their communities as well as the children’s learning outcomes in schools.

During the Ebola epidemic, our training programmes extended to educating communities about the disease. In this process, we trained more than 1,700 Ebola Educators, whose efforts were integral to the process of containing the spread of the disease, helping save thousands of lives.



We build ‘first ever schools’ for some of the most remote parts of West Africa, where children often miss out on the opportunity to gain the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.

We work with communities to construct basic schools and promote the importance of education. We then identify members of the community to undertake distance teacher training.

We give communities agricultural grants and technical support to develop collective rice farms and seed-lending schemes, where the interest gained following harvest is sold to meet education costs. These initiatives help to ensure that schools have the ability to fund teacher salaries and other expenses.



Child protection and street children 

We don't just help children to go to school. Our team of social workers provide psychosocial counselling and support to children facing challenging circumstances. We focus on the child's development, empowering them to thrive at school. 

We work with children who have been orphaned, many by the Ebola crisis, to reunite them with family members. Once in a safe family environment, these children don't have to fend for themselves anymore and are ready to return to school. 

stories from our work 


Marie, the mother selling charcoal to send her daughter to school

"I'm so thankful for the opportunity to send Fatima to school."

Fatima is in Grade 6. Street Child gave her mother Marie a micro grant to start a business selling charcoal from her home. With the profits, Marie can send her daughter to school.  



Adama, the social worker changing lives

People are so keen for the children to study but they don’t have the means.”

Adama Glenna has worked as a Business Officer with Street Child for four years. Her team distributes and monitors micro business grants to caregivers. Adama lives in one of the communities in which she works with her husband and two children. “It helps for people to know me, trust me and open up to me.”  

One of her neighbours received a grant to setup a business selling Africannah soup, in order to fund her daughter’s schooling. “Now her voice is the first thing you hear in the morning!”

OUr research

The 2016 Street Child National Consultation on Adolescent Girls' Education in Sierra Leone


Our staff interviewed 2,000 in and out-of-school girls across Sierra Leone to better understand the barriers to girls' education.

Download the report

The 2015 Street Child Ebola Orphan Report

The Street Child Ebola Orphan Report, the first of its kind to be produced, uncovers the true scale and nature of the Ebola orphan crisis.

Download the report.

Street Child: National Headcount of Street Children in Sierra Leone

Street Child staff conducted the first ever headcount of street children across Sierra Leone. 

Download the report