Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka suffered a 26-year civil war displacing thousands of families and impacting many more children.

Sri Lanka is now a middle-income country with just 1.5% of primary school age children out of school and therefore very different to the other countries we work in. However, it still faces some specific important educational challenges that we feel we can make a positive contribution to.

As a result of the civil war, there are thousands of children who have fallen behind with their education. Inequality still exists across the country with many areas without access to quality education. 

Furthermore, on May 26th 2017, heavy rainfall in the southwest of Sri Lanka led to landslides and flooding affecting over 630,000 people. Hundreds of schools have been damaged or destroyed impacting the education of over 21,000 children. 

Finally, and much more positively, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country which many people visit as tourists and develop great affection for. Sadly, they often don't see the reality of life for some of Sri Lanka’s most disadvantaged children, who are currently at risk of being left behind. Street Child hopes to harness that goodwill and provide an opportunity to give back to Sri Lanka helping to build a brighter future for these children.


What We Do.

In June 2017, after conversations with Government departments, international agencies and local charities, Street Child opened a small office in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo, exploring the possibility of expanding our Asian operations and establishing a presence in Sri Lanka.

In the short-term, we need to raise funds to build a presence in Sri Lanka – we are not diverting existing funding streams from our West Africa or Nepal work and so would be incredibly grateful for any financial support.

We are also looking for flexible, adaptable international volunteers willing to come to Sri Lanka. As a volunteer, you'll be working closely with the Street Child of Sri Lanka team and partner organisations to support research and the development of emerging programmes and the delivery of pilot projects. Volunteers are a special part of the ethos of Street Child and were instrumental in founding Street Child in Sierra Leone – and continue to play highly valued roles in our ongoing work in Nepal, Sierra Leone and Liberia.