Right to Learn.

The West Africa Education Crisis. 


Sierra Leone. 

In Sierra Leone, less than half of children go to secondary school. Poverty is one of the largest barriers to education. Poor families cannot afford the cost of sending their child to school. Without hope of learning to read and write, children are stuck in cycles of poverty.

When children are given the chance to learn, they have a chance to break free from poverty. 


Liberia is expected to be the last country in the world to achieve education for all. In some of the most remote parts of Liberia, a lack of trained teachers and classrooms means children miss out on the quality education they need for a brighter future. 

It is not enough just to send a child to school. Learning to read and write is what changes a child's life. 


In Northeast Nigeria, conflict has left millions of children out of school. Conflict and crisis can have a devastating impact on a child's life. Giving a child the chance to go to school offers them a safe space to be themselves again, to play and to learn. 

When a child's world has been turned upside down, education is a chance of a normal life.