Progressive Primary School:

Street Child’s First Ugandan Primary School

In mid-February Street Child of Uganda completed construction of the first of our Ugandan primary schools, as part of our larger project to transform learning for 5,100 refugee children in Palabek, Northern Uganda.

The Progressive Primary School has been supported by generous private donors and in large part by Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a major new global fund to transform delivery of education in emergencies.

On the first day of school 605 children were enrolled at the primary school and brightly coloured backpacks containing scholastic materials including, exercise books, stationery and maths sets, were distributed to all of the children.  By day two, the number of enrolled pupils had already increased to 767 leaving the team considering the possibility of an extension to accommodate more children.

New Sign.jpeg

Meet Andrew, Grace and Ibrahim, Students at Progressive Primary School.


This is Andrew, he is 15 years old and came to Uganda 6 months ago having fled from South Sudan on his own, leaving all of his family behind. Andrew now lives on his own in a Palabek refugee settlement.

Before Street Child built the school in Palabek, Andrew was not studying and had nothing to do with his days. However, he was desperate to return to school and so when he saw the new school, he registered immediately.

His favourite subject is English and in the future he would like to be a bank teller.


Grace is 11 years old and is now a student at our new Progressive Primary School in Palabek, Uganda. Before Street Child built the school, Grace was walking two hours to school and back everyday a route which was dangerous, particularly for children, and one which made her very tired.

Her favourite subject is maths and one day she would like to be a doctor.



This is Ibrahim, he is 12 years old and came to Uganda from South Sudan 2 years ago with his parents, his 3 sisters and his brother.

Before Street Child built Progressive Primary School, Ibrahim was walking two hours to school everyday. Ibrahim is happy that he can now easily walk to school and so can spend more time playing with his friends and studying.

His favourite subject is English and when he is older he would like to be a doctor.