Street Child are working in Uganda to support refugee children and street children to go to school and learn.

Why Uganda?

Uganda is hosting one of the world's largest refugee populations, forced to flee their homes, livelihoods and education from conflict in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. With conflict still raging, families have no hope of returning home any time soon. Instead, they are stranded in camps where job opportunities are scarce, access to education is extremely limited and living conditions are basic. 

In Kampala, the capital of Uganda, there are thousands of children who aren't going to school because of poverty. Families are unable to afford the costs of education and many children end up supporting their families by working on the streets instead of going to school.

Whether in the camps, on the streets, or living in poverty, we believe each and every child deserves a quality education.

What We Do.

Street Child are exploring opportunities in Uganda and the possibility of expanding our African operations, with a focus on the refugee crisis and addressing the needs of street children and their families. 

In the meantime, we are currently working with local partners to support over 100 beneficiaries through primary and secondary school, vocational courses and university.

In the short-term, we need to raise funds to build a presence in Uganda - we are not diverting existing funding streams from our work in West Africa or Nepal and so we would be incredibly grateful for any financial support. Get in touch with Ellen at to find out how you can support our work in Uganda.

We are also looking flexible, adaptable international volunteers willing to support our work in Uganda. As a volunteer, you'll be working closely with the Street Child of Uganda team and partner organisations to support research, the development of emerging programmes and the delivery of pilot projects.